Three Easy Safety Measures to Protect Your Team

Employees are the greatest asset any company or business has. Creating a safe and secure workplace enables your team to be more productive, creative and engaged to create their best work.

Upgrade the safety of your business or facility with these three easy safety measures from the safety and security experts at BEPC.

Advanced Addressable Fire Alarms

Upgrade your fire alarm system from conventional alarms to new, addressable fire alarms and invest in the safety of your staff, your building assets, and time. Addressable fire alarm systems are a series of alarms that are all looped together and report back to a central control panel.

These advanced alarms are more accurate at determining the exact location of a fire because the alarm set off can be quickly identified.

They also are less prone to false alarms and much easier to check and test, as their status is constantly monitored and transmitted back to the control panel. These systems offer more sophisticated, efficient fire-protection than conventional alarms and a greater level of protection for your staff and assets.

Dangerous and Combustible Gas Monitoring Systems

In addition to fire, gas leaks are a common worry for many facilities, especially those that involve manufacturing or industrial processes.

An inclusive gas monitoring system can help monitor the levels of dangerous or combustible gases such as carbon monoxide, methane and propane in your facility. These advanced systems will alert staff and the relevant authorities if levels begin to reach an unsafe threshold.

Web-Based Instant Alert Systems

In the event of an emergency, being able to communicate quickly and directly with your employees can keep a minor incident from becoming a major crisis. Having a web-based instant alert system can be critical when all of your employees need to be immediately notified of a dangerous situation because you can reach them wherever they are.

Instant alert systems have the capability to send messages via e-mail, text message, or voice meaning that everyone will have the information they need to quickly respond to any situation that may arise.

Safety Solutions for Your Company

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