energy-ctaIf you are looking to lower the operational costs of your company, BEPC has a solution. Our expert contractors have a variety of energy management strategies that can help improve the energy efficiency of your company buildings or locations.

Our contractors have experience working in many different buildings and areas for private corporations and government entities, providing cost-cutting solutions that are long lasting.

Common Solutions for Energy Conservation

Our priority at BEPC is to give our clients the most innovative and up-to-date solutions that can be found. Below we’ve listed some common energy solutions that can cut monthly energy costs down and can be a first step towards being a Green Business Certified company.

Innovative Lighting Solutions 

Lighting can take up a great deal of energy, especially for large buildings and venues that need to be fully lit for majority of the day. By installing energy efficient lighting systems, large complexes or multi-building campuses can easily cut down on energy, reducing overall costs. BEPC contractors work to illuminate your buildings with the most up-to-date lighting equipment available.

Cost-Effective Structural Solutions  

Whether you are building a structure from the ground up or working on remodeling an existing building, we have different types of structural solutions that can help you increase savings from the inside out. There are a variety of building materials, such as spray foam installation, that help prevent buildings from losing heat during long winter months, while keeping the cool air in during the summer.

Installation of Alternative Energy Solutions

Our energy management contractors also have experience installing alternative energy solutions, such as solar or wind generated power. Our team can create custom solutions to help your business become green certified by using our natural resources for your cost-saving benefit.

Energy Saving Solutions For Your Company

Although our headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia, BEPC works with the best contractors across the United States to ensure that our clients receive top quality work. Commercial stores, private companies or government organizations can find solutions for their needs through BEPC.

Interested in a customized plan for an energy efficient location? Contact us today by filling out our online contact form.