Need a building solution that lowers costs and improves operational efficiency? BEPC, LLC has a team of expert contractors to increase building performance for commercial companies, private entities and government agencies across the United States. Our experienced team specializes in providing our clients with the energy, safety and security solutions that are right for their organization.

Energy Efficiency

The energy management experts at BEPC can help your entity run more efficiently to save on long-term costs. With solutions that lower energy use through lighting, plumbing, generators, and more, your building will be able to run smoother on less energy.
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Keeping your building and the people in it safe is always a priority. With safety solutions from BEPC, your building will be equipped to detect any safety issues with high tech systems for fire detection, gas monitoring and many more. With programs for voice evacuation and mass notification, you can rest assured knowing that you are safe and informed if a problem were to arise.
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Knowing the best way to keep your organization secure can be a challenge. Whether your business has a need for internal security within the building, intrusion security around the premises, or a mix of both, BEPC offers many security solutions to clients looking to keep their company and staff population safe.
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Correct Building Inefficiencies with Solutions from BEPC

Find the solutions your business or organization needs at BEPC, LLC. Our team members specialize in finding ways to improve the way buildings function to increase performance and ensure safety for employees or anyone on site. Learn more about the services or solutions we provide by filling out our online contact form below.