Lighting Upgrades

Lighting has a huge impact on the way a business feels and, ultimately, the cost it takes to operate.
Most traditional businesses use either incandescent lighting or fluorescent lighting, but many businesses are switching to LED lighting because of its high level of efficiency.

BEPC is able to help businesses transition to LED lighting. When LED light bulbs are combined with programmable or motion-activated lighting, businesses can see large gains in energy and cost savings.

Why Businesses Should Transition to LED Lighting

Incandescent lighting is the original kind of lighting, which was invented by Thomas Edison in the 1800s.

Incandescent light bulbs work by passing an electric current through a wire filament, which begins to glow as the electric current raises its temperature.

This kind of light bulb produces warm light and is cheap to buy, but because it produces more heat than light, it is inefficient to use and expensive to run. Incandescent light bulbs also require more frequent replacement, which is an added cost.

What is an LED? It stands for light-emitting diode, and this type of lighting uses a semi-conductor to convert electricity into light.

LED lighting can produce the same amount of lumens, or brightness, as incandescent lighting while using about one-tenth of the watts, or energy. Even compared to compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), LED lighting can produce the same amount of lumens while using about half of the watts.

More Lighting Solutions

LED lighting is also capable of being programmed with a timer, so a company’s lights can be scheduled to automatically turn off after hours or over the weekend.

There’s no sense in lighting an empty office, but people are prone to forgetting to turn lights off. Timers are a great solution for this problem and a great way to save money.

Another effective way to provide cost savings are motion-activated lights. Motion-activated lights use passive-infrared sensors to determine whether a room is occupied or vacant, so they are able to turn lights on when someone enters a room and turn them off when someone leaves.

Motion-activated lighting is also ideal for lighting the outside of a business to ensure a secure perimeter without needlessly lighting the outside of the building all night. Remember, the lights can be programmed to only come on at night, so there won’t be any wasted energy during the day either.

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