Energy Management

At BEPC, our expert contractors provide high-quality solutions to transition offices or public locations into energy efficient buildings, allowing the establishment save money. Our energy management programs involve taking inventory of the systems your company currently has in place, and then presenting alternative system upgrades that will help your building save on energy and cost.

Creating an Energy Efficient Workplace

BEPC, LLC offers a variety of options to help make buildings and office environments more energy efficient. These are just some of the ways we can create a more efficient workspace:

Lighting Upgrades

One of the most common ways of making a building more efficient is through a lighting upgrade. BEPC has effective plans for transitioning incandescent lighting to LED lights. LED lights are proven to last longer and save your company money in the long run. These lights can also be programmed to work on a timer or to be motion activated, so that you can be sure no lights are left on during non-business hours.

Plumbing Improvements  

Wasted water is a problem worldwide, but it can be a large expense if your company isn’t being proactive about saving money on plumbing. For example, BEPC can install low-flush toilets that reduce several gallons of water usage. Other improvements can include changing the internal structure of your plumbing to make it more energy-efficient.

Comfort Controls

Office temperatures can directly affect the productivity of your workplace. If a building is too cold or too hot, your employees may find the temperature a distraction or even a cause of sickness. BEPC carries multiple new digital temperature gauges that monitor the temperature and humidity in your office, so you don’t have to.

Energy Efficiency in Your Office

Managing the energy usage of your commercial building helps save money, while also benefitting the environment. Using the latest technologies in energy management, BEPC can easily make your building more energy efficient and a comfortable place for company staff or visitors.

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