Ground-Up Rewiring

Businesses can encounter the need for various electrical services, such as rewiring, for a number of reasons.
If a company is expanding their business, the additions to their building will require electricity, of course, but their demand for electricity may also have increased. If a company moves their business, they may have to bring their new office space up to code in order to legally occupy the space.

Ground-up rewiring should be thought of as an investment that ensures the safety of not only a business’s property but its employees as well.

Why Businesses Need To Rewire

Over time, the materials that insulate electrical wiring wear out. While this decreases energy efficiency, it also creates risk of an electrical fire.

Electrical warning signs include:

A company’s building isn’t the only thing at risk, though. Certain commercial environments are prone to electrical risks, which can create injuries or result in death for workers.These include workplaces with exposed metal, wet surroundings, or which are in cramped metallic spaces, such as inside a bin or tank.

One of the more common reasons buildings require ground-up rewiring has to do with how the nature of business has changed over time. As technology advances, companies use more electronics, and the buildings that house these companies need to deliver sufficient electricity to power all of these new devices.

In fact, some electronics are so sensitive that they can be damaged if the voltage of their power supply drops off suddenly. This can result in costly losses for a business.

How Ground-Up Rewiring Works

Ground-up rewiring can be expensive because it is very labor intensive and usually involves creating holes in walls to access the wiring and to replace it, and afterward, the holes have to be repaired.

However, ground-up rewiring has its advantages. For instance, it can be done during other office expansions or remodels as a way to save time and money because demolition and construction are already taking place.

Ground-up rewiring also allows a company to prepare for its future growth by increasing the overall amps the building can provide, as well as increasing the number of outlets which are available.

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