Electrical Services

At BEPC, we provide electrical services for many different types of commercial, corporate, and government entities.

Common Electrical Services Provided at BEPC

Our capabilities at BEPC, LLC are endless. We can create the electrical solutions you require, customizing them for your organization and local regulations. Some of the common electrical services we offer include:

Ground-Up Rewiring

If your company is expanding or starting at a new location, our expert electrical team is able to work on the electrical wiring and maintenance from the ground up. We can work on any build-outs or new areas you may be creating for your workspace.

Energy Efficient Options

With years of experience contracting out energy efficient solutions for your company including lighting, electrical, and plumbing (MEP), BEPC provides an array of electrical work to keep your building working properly and efficiently. Low flush toilets, temperature gauges, and LED lighting solutions are just the beginning of energy efficient options that can save you money.

Network Solutions

BEPC also offers network solutions for our clients. That can include wired or wireless optimization or even secure remote access to your server for your staff to access. Providing a multi-level or multi-building Wi-Fi expansion can also be completed by BEPC.

Voice-Data Cabling

Implementing Voice-Data Cabling is another electrical service provided by BEPC. Our team designs, installs, and maintains any cabling you may need to optimize the use of your building. Whether you are looking to install cabling for one location or multiple locations, our contractors are flexible enough to work with a multitude of different companies and structures.

Electrical Installation for Your Business

At BEPC, we work with the top contractors in our area and pride ourselves in creating the best possible outcome for your situation. Our licensed professionals are ready to help your business succeed with any type of electrical service or upgrade.

With offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Houston, Texas, our team spans across the entire United States to provide the electrical services you need for your next project. Simply fill out our contact form and we will reach out to you with our customized service options.

Electrical Projects