Three Ways to Lower Commercial Water Usage

Water usage by commercial companies is oftentimes more difficult to monitor than a traditional residential property. An alternative to monitoring water usage is to upgrade equipment where the most water is being used.

According to the EPA, the top three places that water is used in the workplace is in the restrooms, HVAC system, and in the landscaping. Read on to see how your company can save money in the long run by focusing on more energy efficient options in these three areas.

Top Places for Workplace Water Usage

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1.) Restrooms

There are several different options that can be utilized in workplace restrooms. The EPA suggests using products like low-flush toilets and low-flow shower heads. A common sign that your current products are water efficient is being included in the watersense program. Watersense products are 20% more water efficient than standard models.

Other solutions for water and energy conservation are checking the automatic sensors on toilets, showers, or sinks. If the automatic sensors are malfunctioning, this can lead to excess water being wasted.

2.) HVAC

HVAC systems can often be outdated even when other equipment is replaced throughout a building. The more outdated the HVAC system is, the more water it typically uses. Energy efficient models use less water and allow your HVAC system to work more smoothly overall.

Other updates can include monitoring the cooling tower and boiler water chemistry to minimize the mineral buildup that occurs within the system. This will maximize the number of times the water can be recycled.

3.) Landscaping

Many employers don’t realize how much water and money they waste on their landscaping. Simple ways to limit the water used can be as easy as adding timers to sprinkler systems or implementing a rain sensor.

Other options include a piping upgrade to recycle water from sinks, tubs and laundry areas to use for your landscaping.

Contact BEPC for Water Efficient Options for Your Business

BEPC has several options for a more water efficient office. That includes options for a plumbing retrofit, new HVAC systems, or even new landscaping equipment installations. Contact our team to see what custom water-saving options BEPC can create for your company. Visit our contact us page for more information.