Controls Services

Controls services allow for the different systems of a building (i.e. fire, electrical, security, etc.) to be integrated and controlled from one place. They also allow these systems to be programmed.

These building blocks for controls services are known as systems integration and building automation.
Controls services allow for easier control of an entire facility, and in doing so, they can provide a safer, more efficient and more comfortable workplace.

BEPC offers both controls and MEP services, and BEPC has successful experience with controls and MEP projects.

Systems Integration

Systems integration involves combining the numerous subsystems that make up a building into one system.

This is usually done through computer networking, the combination of different computer applications, and management of various business processes.

Systems integration allows subsystems to communicate between one another. The idea is that one subsystem should be able to provide an automatic, programmed response to an event in another subsystem, or if you have the same kind of system from different manufacturers across your facility, you should be able to control them all from the same point regardless.

For example, if you have air conditioning and heating units from various manufacturers across a campus, it is neither efficient nor convenient to have a different control process for each. Under systems integration, these can be merged under one control interface.

Building Automation

Once the various subsystems of a facility have been integrated into one centralized control interface, the process of automating control over these subsystems can occur.

The centralized control interface can be programmed to automatically maintain a certain temperature range, to use lighting upgrades to turn lights on or off based on a room’s occupancy, to track the performance of each subsystem, and to report system failures to maintenance staff.

The ability to track the performance and failure of systems is especially important for security and fire alarm systems.

Benefits of Controls Services

While the processes of integration and automation sound complicated, the goal of utilizing controls services is convenience.
Benefits of controls services include:

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