At BEPC, our experienced contractors and team members are experts at finding ways to save companies money by helping buildings run more efficiently to lower their spend on energy and electricity. In addition, our team can fully manage projects, install upgrades, provide maintenance solutions and train your workers on any new systems. Find out more about the services BEPC, LLC provides below:

Electrical Services

BEPC offers several options when it comes to electrical services. From implementing electrical systems from the ground-up to replacing current systems for better results, BEPC can design and install customized solutions for your building.
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Energy Management

As an industry leader in energy management, BEPC has everything you need to get your business running smoothly. Find out more about our lighting upgrades, plumbing improvements, air conditioning controls and more to find out how you can lower energy usage with high quality systems.
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Operations and Maintenance

Commercial properties often need maintained with proper care and knowledge of the systems in place. At BEPC, we provide clients with on-site maintenance options to handle operational requests on a full-time or as-needed basis.
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Program Management

Not all companies face the same problems, and that’s why BEPC analyzes each client request individually to offer customized solutions. If your organization is facing a one-of-a-kind challenge or your operational costs seem higher than they should, but you aren’t sure why, BEPC can diagnose any issues and fully manage the implementation of a solution so you don’t have to change focus from your work.
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Controls / MEP

Sometimes clients need a combination of upgrades for their organization. If you’re looking to improve your building performance with mechanical upgrades, better control systems for various electrical systems, waste management solutions, or all of the above, our expert contractors provide top of the line control and MEP services to help your company wherever needed.
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Find Out More About the Services at BEPC

Is your workplace running inefficiently? Find out how BEPC can help you save. Learn more about our services or get answers to your questions by filling out our contact form below.