Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Low Voltage Systems

The City of Atlanta hired BEPC to construct a low voltage solution for the current electrical systems at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

At the Atlanta airport, BEPC catalogued their current systems and analyzed system operation and efficiency throughout the entire airport. The inspection highlighted several places for improvement, and led to the implementation of BEPC’s entire low voltage package to increase efficiency.

BEPC completed the $3 million project with CONRAC IT and Turner Construction. The low voltage upgrade included several electrical and lighting upgrades for Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, consolidation of their rent-a-car services, installing television cameras and security upgrades that comply with the City of Atlanta’s Department of Aviation security measures, and implementing a new campus-wide fire alarm system.

Upgrading the current electrical systems to a low-voltage solution was a $100 million task, but once replaced the systems help save electricity and lower operational costs, creating a long-run increase in revenue. The additional upgrades to improve airport security, alarm systems and day-to-day functions allowed Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to keep the safety of the passengers and staff a top priority while keeping the airport safety measures up-to-code.

Our contractors were able to draw up plans that we implemented in a timely nature, allowing our client to start lowering their spend on operational costs right away.

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