Clayton County Energy Retro-Fit

BEPC was hired by Clayton County for three projects, constructing a multi-million dollar energy management job for the entire county, including government buildings, the main Justice building and the Clayton County landfill.

BEPC worked with Siemens on a $13 million dollar lighting upgrade to implement a retro-fit for all county lights, including 29 facilities. Our team also worked on an $8.5 million dollar plumbing project with Train to replace the plumbing system in the main Justice building, installing low-flush upgrades to save on energy. In addition, BEPC’s work included setting up generators on the county landfill.

The Clayton County landfill project focused on waste energy management. BEPC was able to install two generators onto the county landfill flare waste system to create more energy.

Once this was complete, BEPC helped create a deal with Georgia Power, which allowed Clayton County to sell their energy back for $1 million per year for 40 years.

This complex energy retrofit in Clayton County allowed the county to turn their trash into waste energy, and ultimately add $1 million dollars to their budget each year.

Energy and Waste Management Experts at BEPC

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