Clark Atlanta University

At Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia, BEPC was able to make the campus more comfortable and secure for all students who work and reside there. The main focus of the upgrades for the university were located in several of the science buildings and the dormitories.

In the McPheeters-Dennis dorms, BEPC implemented a mega chiller and boiler replacement for the piping system. BEPC also upgraded the chillers and boilers for better climate control in all seasons for the Cole Science Biology and Cole Science Research buildings on campus. This $700,000 project improved the piping and wiring for both buildings.

BEPC also worked on the wiring and security system for the President’s office and university home on the Clarke Atlanta campus. This included full electrical wiring for university home upgrades.

In addition to on campus buildings, BEPC also improved the security of university parking lots. Security cameras and authorized access gates were added to student parking lots for an extra measure of security for the Clark Atlanta University students.

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