Bibb County Energy Retro-Fit

The BEPC team was hired by Wipro, a company in India, to perform a multi-million dollar project for Bibb County Schools. During this project, BEPC replaced every florescent light bulb in the county school district with an energy-efficient LED system.

BEPC worked to upgrade 100% of the Bibb County School’s lighting in all of their county buildings. This six month project allowed our teams to replace over 90,000 light bulbs in the schools.

The retro-fit project was so large it encompassed lighting upgrades for over 70 buildings. This is still considered the largest lighting project in the southeast. The massive undertaking was a 6 month long $2-3 million dollar project, which BEPC performed on their own.

During this energy and electrical project, our crews were able to successfully replace all of the dated fluorescent lightbulbs with LED lights, allowing the schools to operate in a more ‘green friendly’ manner.

Successful Energy Management Projects at BEPC

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