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Controls Services

Controls services allow for the different systems of a building (i.e. fire, electrical, security, etc.) to be integrated and controlled from one place. They also allow these systems to be programmed. These building blocks for controls services are known... Read More

Ground-Up Rewiring

Businesses can encounter the need for various electrical services, such as rewiring, for a number of reasons. If a company is expanding their business, the additions to their building will require electricity, of course, but their demand for electricity... Read More

Lighting Upgrades

Lighting has a huge impact on the way a business feels and, ultimately, the cost it takes to operate. Most traditional businesses use either incandescent lighting or fluorescent lighting, but many businesses are switching to LED lighting because of... Read More

Types of MEP Program Management

If you are building a new facility, expanding your space, or wanting to upgrade your building to be more eco-friendly, BEPC has a team of experienced engineers and contractors that can expertly handle your facility’s mechanical, electrical and plumbing... Read More

Three Easy Safety Measures to Protect Your Team

Employees are the greatest asset any company or business has. Creating a safe and secure workplace enables your team to be more productive, creative and engaged to create their best work. Upgrade the safety of your business or facility... Read More

Three Ways to Lower Commercial Water Usage

Water usage by commercial companies is oftentimes more difficult to monitor than a traditional residential property. An alternative to monitoring water usage is to upgrade equipment where the most water is being used. According to the EPA, the top... Read More