Wayne Martin, Vice President

Wayne Martin began his career managing sales and customer service departments in the corporate world. He worked to make sure clients in the Aerospace and Chemical industry were directed towards that right products and the right service solutions for their respective organizations. Martin eventually began to work in customer solutions where he served as a Project Manager, assigning expense and resource utilization targets to companies.

Between working at Xerox and playing a role in the founding of BEPC, Martin worked with a business consulting group, focusing on business solutions for small and mid-size corporations. Martin brought his specialty in increasing productivity and profitability for companies to BEPC, where he is Vice President and displays outstanding leadership for the team. The various industries Martin worked with in the past include, but are not limited to:

After 30 years working for other companies, Martin started with BEPC, LLC in 2007. He has worked to make BEPC a successful company that has spread its service across the United States.

Since BEPC’s start, Wayne has been successful in acquiring and managing several large projects including a $111 Million hotel renovation project in New Orleans, a Multi-state $100 million cable installation project for AT&T, and a $600,000 HUD project for Siemens.

His past experience working with various industries and businesses continues to gives BEPC the guidance and perspective that’s needed to be an industry leader for building performance.

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