BEPC, LLC is an award winning owned and managed building performance company that offers various building performance services throughout the U.S. The Georgia based corporation works to ensure nationwide private and public organizations receive trustworthy, top-notch service.

BEPC provides the following services:

With a primary expertise in building performance services, BEPC works to provide customers with lasting savings on their normal expenses.

What Makes BEPC Different?

One thing that makes BEPC so successful is our business partnerships with certified building performance contractors throughout the nation. Our alliances allow BEPC to provide all of our clients across the nation with our complete range of services.

In addition, our excellent leadership team and Board of Directors have years of experience enhancing building performance to meet higher standards. Our founding team, Laura Martin and Ian Martin, have created an environment that strives to provide each project with an excellent outcome. Our team at BEPC takes pride in our work and the results that we deliver to clientele.

Our Company Process

Unlike other building performance companies, the professional team at BEPC ensures that our clients receive a product that will help them save capital in the future. Our expert program managers and contractors specialize in creating energy efficient solutions for your building process.

Sample deliverables from BEPC:

We will take the time to go through your current building(s) or building design(s) and give recommendations on points of interest and system changes. Our focus works to make sure you receive a fair cost and savings estimate in this step.

Another study we offer organizations consists of an energy audit. This process is often used for commercial, institutional or industrial facilities. Our engineering team will conduct an investigation of the facility, allowing our team to understand the current systems and the potential energy saving changes we can make.

Find Out More About BEPC

To find out how BEPC can help your organization, contact the BEPC team today for more information about our projects, services and solutions. Simply fill out our contact form and we will reach out to you soon.